If you happen to be halfway through writing some sort of hard-boiled detective novel set in a gritty tech startup, but feel your prose lacking: you may take any of these.

“She took a swig of coffee and trained her mind on the task, and her nerual network.”

“Jenny knew she was in trouble, but held her tongue, and her cursor over the button.”

“He kicked his bad habit, and the bot from the chatroom.”

“It was 4pm on a Friday afternoon. Marcus was killing time, and unwanted processes.”

“She simultaneously deployed her full charm, and the patched code.”

“The code threw caution to the wind, an exception, and a dirty look to the QA team.”

“The developer caught the exception, and a glance of his unshaven face in the mirror.”

“He committed his code, and to never writing Java again.”

All I ask is 10% of your sales, and your forgiveness.